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Trilogy Trail Booking & Contact information

To book any of our Trilogy Trail tours or for more information you can contact us by email, phone or fax. We are happy to answer any of your questions and to provide up to date information on our products, prices and time table information.
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To contact us by email:


To contact us by phone or fax: Phone: +64 3 442-2207, Fax: +64 3 442-2807

To contact us by mail: 91 McBride St, Queenstown, New Zealand

How to book

You can confirm your booking by email or phone by providing your credit card information (the cards are not charged until the day of travel).

Once your booking is confirmed you will be provided with:

  1. The pick up time from your accommodation in Queenstown, or check in time at the airport.

  2. The time of departure from Queenstown and expected time of return to Queenstown.

Once in Queenstown, we will phone you an hour and half before departure time regarding a final
confirmation on the weather.

Minimum information your booking must contain:

  • The trip you wish to take. Date and time of trip.

  • Name and home address.

  • Date and time of arrival in Queenstown.

  • Airline flight number (if flying out straight from arrival at Queenstown airport).

  • Number of people you wish to book and whether they are adults, children (if 13 years or less) or infants (two years or under).

  • The address, and ideally phone number, of the accommodation in the area you will be departing from.

  • Information regarding your address when in New Zealand is required because we need to be able to brief you on your arrival regarding the weather prospects for your trip.Sometimes it is necessary to change your booking to fit in with better weather.

Cancellation Policy

Glenorchy Air reserves the right to charge a 100% cancellation fee if clients book a tour and then do not show, or cancel within 24 hours of departure. This cancellation fee will not apply if a tour is cancelled because of weather.

Glenorchy Air reserves the absolute right to cancel or amend any flight where, in the opinion of the pilot, safety may be compromised, such as adverse weather conditions, or any other conditions outside the control of the company or its pilots.

We look forward to seeing you at Queenstown Airport!

Queenstown Airport

Queenstown Airport with the
Remarkables in the background
- the home of the Kea

Glenorchy Air office

Glenorchy Air's office - look for us!



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Glenorchy Air and Trilogy Trail
Phone: 64 3 442-2207, Fax: 64 3 442-2807.
Email:, Mail: 91 McBride St, Queenstown, New Zealand.
Glenorchy Air is based in Queenstown and Glenorchy.